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Foster City remodeling contractor

When you find yourself feeling underwhelmed with the overall look and functionality of your home in Foster City, you need to call the area’s dependable pros at Mills Custom Homes. We are a team of experienced remodeling contractors, and we can get your home looking and functioning like an absolute dream thanks to the many great services we proudly offer:

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Home additions
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • And more!

Bathroom Remodeling Work That You Can Count On

Your bathroom is bound to be the first and last stop you’ll make every day, and it’s just as bound to be a stop you’ll make many more times throughout the day. Since you’re more than likely to spend so much of your time in your bathroom, shouldn’t you make sure it’s an enjoyable place to spend all of that time?

Certainly you should. How can you add that kind of enjoyment, though? Simple: You can call for our bathroom remodeling work! With a remodeling, we’ll ensure that your Foster City home’s bathroom is as beautiful and enjoyable as can be, allowing you to fully enjoy the time you’ll spend in it.

Utilize Your Room Addition in Many Great Ways

You should expect to do more in your home than simply sleep, bathe, and cook. You should also expect it to accommodate all of the work you should ever need to get done. This means you need to ensure that your Foster City home offers all the space you should ever need. To get that space, call us for a room addition, which you can utilize in a number of ways:

  • Home office
  • Workout area
  • Guest room
  • Game area
  • And more!

Enjoy the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing is as enjoyable and rewarding as making a nice, large meal for your family and friends. Of course, on the same token, few things are as frustrating as the heat and odors that will overtake your home after you’ve spent a couple of hours preparing such a meal. This problem can sour the end of an otherwise enjoyable evening.

There is good news, though, and that news is an outdoor kitchen. By getting this installation for your Foster City home, you can get all the cooking you want done without having to deal with the residual heat and odors. Want to prepare plenty of meals for your loved ones? Then call our team today and set up for a custom outdoor kitchen at once!

Foster City, CA

If you are looking for a Foster City remodeling contractor, call Mills Custom Homes at 408-836-6767, or fill out our online request form.