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Palo Alto remodeling contractor

Anytime your home doesn't look or function as you want it to, or there isn't enough space to meet your growing family needs, Mills Custom Homes is the Palo Alto remolding contractor to turn to. As a local family owned and operated business, our focus is on building long-term relationships with our customers so that have a trusted professional to call whenever they want to remodel, update, or improve their homes.

Transforming areas like the kitchen and bathrooms in a house should be a fun and exciting process for a family. It's a lot of work that takes good planning in order to go smoothly and turn out successfully. As your Palo Alto remodeling contractor, we're here to make that process go as easily and smoothly as possible.

With our experience, we know to make use of only the highest quality products and materials in all of our work. In addition, we have high quality standards for the workmanship we do, no matter how simple or complex the project.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Your home's kitchen area plays a huge role in how your family functions every day. It also makes a big difference in the overall appearance your home. An outdated kitchen can affect your resale value, so if improvements are on the agenda, let us know. Our kitchen remodeling contractors are all about helping you get the customized space you want.

We can help you navigate all the different features and fixture options and then help you find those that are best for your particular budget and goals. We'll be able to help you design the space to ensure that your new kitchen turns out exactly how you want it to.

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

If life were perfect, you'd have all the luxury bathroom features you want already. Fortunately, any house can be remodeled in some way and so can yours. Getting creative with bathroom remodeling is what we're all about. Sometimes that means making the most out of every inch of a small bathroom while on a very tight budget and sometimes it means going all out for a homeowner who has a specific luxury design in mind. No matter where you are along the scale of bathroom remodeling, we're happy to help you reach the unique goals you have in mind. At Mills Custom Homes, the customizing is all about you no matter what that may mean!

Room Additions

Overall, room additions are one of the most complex projects a homeowner in Palo Alto will ever face. It's important to make sure you hire a general contractor to handle the room addition design and build process so that everything is designed and built correctly. Otherwise, you could wind up with foundation or roof problems, trouble with the local building code authorities, or other issues that should never happen.

Rest easy knowing that you have an experienced local Palo Alto remodeling contractor on hand who is highly skilled in the design and build of room additions. We're able to handle every aspect of your project with expertise.

Palo Alto, CA

If you are looking for a professional Palo Alto remodeling contractor, call Mills Custom Homes at 408-836-6767, or fill out our online request form.