Kitchen Design Services For San Jose Area Homes

San Jose Kitchen Design

Mills Custom Homes provides design services with all our remodeling projects including your kitchen remodeling or renovating for your San Jose area home. As a full service remodeling contractor, we ensure your kitchen design and build process is handled professionally so you get started on the right foot when planning your new kitchen space.

When you're remodeling or making upgrades to your kitchen area, it all begins with a design consultation where you meet with one of our experienced kitchen designers to create the kitchen you're dreaming of having. We incorporate all your ideas, your family's needs and wants (if any), and all other aspects of the building plans.

Professional design consultations are the best way for our customers to get everything fitted into the kitchen plans. Your design consultant will guide you to choose the right countertops, cabinetry, appliances, flooring, wall options, decorative options, lighting, layout, and more.

Kitchen Floor Plan Design in San Jose

If you plan to have any floorplan changes in your new kitchen design, the electric, plumbing, or gas fixtures may need to be moved or changed to a different area. You also may want to update or upgrade things like lighting or appliances that may require additional electrical or plumbing setups. If so, these changes will need to be accounted for in the kitchen design plans.

Keeping the layout the same with no changes to electrical or plumbing will always cost less than moving or adding onto them. In some cases you won't really have a choice, but in most cases you will be able to determine whether or not you'll want to change the floor plan or anything else that would mean changes to the electrical or plumbing. Our design consultant's advice will be important to you during these decisions.

San Jose Kitchen Lighting Designs

Your design consultation will help you figure out the lighting needs you may have. Standard kitchen lighting is normally not very efficient unless you've already been able to choose some custom lighting options. If not, this is a great time to add additional lighting to help you see better in food prep areas, cooking areas, and anywhere else it can be dangerous to function in a low light setting within your kitchen areas.

San Jose Kitchen Cabinets

You may want to make changes to your kitchen cabinets which needs to be one of the options you choose during your kitchen design. Old cabinets can be removed and replaced or refaced. New cabinets will give you new cabinet material choices, but will cost more than refacing. Custom cabinets can be custom made to suit your individual and unique style. Whether you go with new or refaced kitchen cabinets, the San Jose Remodeling Contractors will incorporate the kitchen cabinets of your choice into your plans.

If you are looking for a San Jose Kitchen Design Services expert, please call 408-836-6767 or complete our online request form.