What's The Difference Between Remodeling And Renovating in San Jose?

 What's The Difference Between Remodeling And Renovating in San Jose?

Both renovation and remodeling in San Jose add value to the home and most of all make the home more comfortable for those who live in it. When you're planning changes for your home, be sure you're choosing a contractor because they will be able to handle the project with expertise from beginning to end and will be able to find the best deals for your building materials, home's comfort systems, equipment, and appliances.

Will you be remodeling or renovating? Great question! Many people use these two terms interchangeably, and it's no wonder why since it basically seems that they both mean to change a home or building to improve or upgrade it. However, they do mean different things in the construction industry. So if you asked a San Jose remodeling contractor, here's what we would tell you.

What Does Remodeling Mean or Entail?

  • Remodeling means to change the space, or literally "to model again", "to reconstruct; make over". This means you're making it new by reconstructing or altering the structure. Think of the term "renew, repair, re-create".
  • When a San Jose contractor remodels your home, business, or commercial property for you, they will be altering the structure. This can mean moving walls, adding on, or changing the use of the space.
  • Remodeling changes the structure and style of an area of the home and can mean re-configuring the floor plan, changing the layout, creating open spaces, removing or adding walls, rearranging space, adding on closet space, moving plumbing around, and more.
  • With remodeling, you're making better use of the space you have, creating a more functional layout to serve you better. For instance, in your kitchen remodeling project, you may want to get rid of a wall or half wall that's between your kitchen area and living room. This opens up the space and is considered remodeling.
  • Remodeling takes quite a bit of proper designing. It's a more complex consideration because of all the construction needed like electrical, plumbing, and advanced carpentry. It normally costs more as well because it is more complex.
  • A general contractor can help you with design, which is very important because the plan you make will be a determining factor on how well the San Jose remodeling goes as a project, what type of problems come along, how they can be handled, and the final results.

What Does Renovation or Renovating Mean?

  • When you are renovating or have renovation done, you are making your space new again. Renovate literally means to restore to good condition or make new again. To remember the definition, think of 'to reinvigorate; refresh; revive.
  • In home construction terms, this can include many things like adding new light fixtures, updating bathroom fixtures, replacing countertops, installing new equipment for the home, changing your bathroom, kitchen, or living areas into more functional space, garage makeovers, and more. In short, you are not altering drastically but updating your space to a new standard.
  • Many projects for renovation are done for homeowners who are planning to sell their homes or make them presentable for renters. They do things like add stainless steel appliances, install granite countertops, or replace the cabinetry. This makes the space more beautiful and functional and brings value to the investment made by the homeowner.

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