How To Bring Natural Elements Into Your Remodeling Design

San Jose natural remodeling design

If you find something really appealing about nature, then you can bring that relaxing earthy-feel into your home through various means. A lot of people are getting into green remodeling for bathroom, kitchens, additions, and more, so this can go hand-in-hand with using natural elements throughout the house.

Whether you are remodeling one room or the whole house, there are a lot of warm, natural materials available to use. Let's start with one of the most visible aspects of your home: the floors.

Natural Flooring Materials

You can't get any closer to an earthy material than installing natural stone flooring. In San Jose, you will want a durable stone floor that resists damage. So be sure to choose a stone that is resistant to scratching and abrasions.

Granite is the most resistant, but it is one of the more expensive stones. Marble scratches easier, so it's not ideal for our area. Soapstone is softer but it much easier to restore and the imperfections only make it more beautiful as it ages.

Natural wood flooring is always a beautiful and durable option. Bamboo is the most eco-friendly natural floor material that you can find. It comes in a wide range of colors from light to dark. It's a green material that grows very fast and is easily farmed and harvested over and over again.

Remodeling With Natural Warm Colors & Textures

When you spend time in nature, you are surrounded by warm colors, cool colors, and different types of textures. The cool colors of nature offer a wonderful contrast to the warmth, so you can mix them during remodeling. Remodeling involves all different aspects ranging from the wall paint, the flooring, and the ceiling to the furnishings and decorative features you incorporate. So add some natural textures and color to make your home beautiful. Some suggestions from our team at Mills Custom Homes are:

  • Natural woven wallpaper
  • Stained wood shelving, paneling, or trimwork
  • Warm tones mixed with cool tones
  • Bring San Jose colors into your home
  • Add interest to background color with bold colors
  • Use a variety of rough textures to stand out and smooth textures for the background

If you need more help with Natural Remodeling Designs in San Jose, please call Mills Custom Homes at 408-836-6767, or fill out our online request form.