Best Places For Skylight Locations In Your Home

San Jose skylightsWhen you start screening sky-light installation contractors in San Jose, it’s important to realize this is only part of the job. It’s of the utmost importance that you also have an idea of the placement you want for your skylight.

You have a lot of options for locations, so you want to make sure you make the right choice. The last thing you want to do is end up putting a single skylight somewhere that’s just not effective.

If you’re already in the process of planning complete renovations, now is the perfect opportunity to include skylights in the plan. However, it’s also the type of project you can take on as a standalone task.

Skylights: The Perfect Placement

For the longest time, skylights were used in the living room, and that’s it. Of course, those were also the days they were notorious for eventually springing a leak and so much has changed over the decades.

Skylight quality is better than ever before, and new plans for placement have never been so trendy!

  • Entryways
  • Why not welcome guests, or walk into your own home under a warm bath of light? It makes things feel more luxurious and makes a great first impression, as well as creates a comfortable and cozy feeling.
  • Kitchens
  • The more natural light you have, the better. The kitchen is one of those rooms that need plenty of light in order to prep food. However, it also makes this space look warmer and homier.
  • Bathrooms
  • A reason this is ideal is that the bathroom is an area that’s a challenge to introduce natural light because standard windows don’t work well since what you need most is privacy. Tubular skylights are the perfect fit and can make your bathroom feel more like a luxurious spa.
  • Bedrooms
  • It’s a common misconception that this will disrupt sleep when it actually just helps create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Plus, studies have shown it’s much more positive to wake to natural sunlight especially when compared to a loud, buzzing alarm clock.

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