What You Can Expect from Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens in San Jose, CA

Spring is in full bloom once more, and there’s no better way to shed your winter skin than by enjoying a nice cookout with friends and family! And there’s no better way to enjoy a cookout than with a quality outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen brings the conveniences of cooking out into the beautiful outdoors. With an outdoor sink, grill, and other such amenities, you can enjoy the pleasure of preparing a beautiful meal for guests outside without the hassle of running between your kitchen and backyard.

And thanks to the experts at Mills Custom Homes, your San Jose remodeling contractor, you can have an outdoor kitchen that not only functions great but also LOOKS great!

What can you expect with a Mills Custom Homes outdoor kitchen? Here are just a few things we can provide to make your outdoor parties more convenient and beautiful than ever:


One of the most necessary components to any kitchen is running water. From rinsing to boiling to washing, clean running water is a constant necessity for any meal preparation. For the cook who wants to enjoy the lovely spring weather while they prepare dinner, the lack of clean running water can be an issue -- an issue which a garden hose certainly WON’T fix!

An outdoor sink, though, WILL fix that problem. An outdoor sink will provide access to clean running water without necessitating a trip to the kitchen just to rinse up. And thanks to the Mills Custom Homes dedication to providing both the best and best LOOKING installations possible, you’ll be cooking outside with convenience and STYLE.


When it comes to keeping your food sanitary, a refrigerator is top of the list. Whether you need to keep meat from spoiling or dessert chilled and safe from hungry pets, a refrigerator provides the perfect solution. But for the outdoor chef, their lovely spring days can be interrupted with constant trips to and from the kitchen just to access the fridge.

Thanks to the experts at Mills Custom Homes, the need for a refrigerator will no longer be an inconvenience for your outdoor dinner parties. We can install an outdoor fridge to suit your needs as a cook and homeowner. We install refrigerators large and small, so space will never prove to be an issue.

You want to prepare a nice meal while you enjoy the beautiful spring weather, but you also want a place to store all your food that needs to stay cold and safe. Thanks to Mills Custom Homes, the two wants can be satisfied without any compromise!


Spring and rain are never too far from each other, and sometimes, rain likes to pop in for a visit -- unannounced. Nothing can ruin an outdoor dinner as quickly as a sudden shower.

And nothing protects against a sudden shower like an outdoor cover!

Whether you just want a place to hide under when bad weather is looming or when the sun is too oppressive, the experts at Mills Custom Homes have the solution for you. We install covers for your outdoor kitchen to keep you, your guests, your lovely meal, and your new appliances dry. And with our dedication to beautiful installations, you can look forward to staying dry in style!


The spring weather is beautiful -- too beautiful to enjoy inside. Now’s the perfect time of year to have guests over for a nice meal while taking in the beautiful spring weather. And thanks to the experts at Mills Custom Homes, you can entertain outside with convenience and STYLE.

Let a Mills Custom Homes expert help you today. We’ll handle everything from designing to installing your new outdoor kitchen in San Jose, and we’ll do it with the highest-quality and most affordable work possible!

Don’t wait to enjoy your new outdoor kitchen. Call the San Jose outdoor kitchen experts at Mills Custom Homes today at 408-836-6767, or fill out our online request form.